2012-2013 International Study of SmartLearning

In the late spring and in the fall of 2012 K-12 educators fully implementing the SmartLearning approach were invited to participate in the 2012-2013 international study of SmartLearning.

Fully implementing means they are:

  • Using Class Trends in the ASK Assessment to inform their planning and teaching. 

    The ASK is an assessment process that shows how well learners are applying important learning skills and knowledge, as they read and respond to grade-level texts. Through the process learners set goals and self-regulate their learning as it unfolds. They find evidence of meeting criteria set for the tasks, and evidence of meeting their personal goals. They also notice strengths in their learning. The assessment stands alone as a way of assessing important skills in every curriculum. One important feature of the assessment is that it aligns the teaching in SmartLearning with testing.

  • Planning and implementing whole-class learning sequences that develop skill-sets identified through the ASK Assessment.

    Each learning sequence includes cycles of learning that follow the SmartLearning Framework, and includes the use of SmartLearning tools, or learning processes, designed to develop deeper learning and richer understanding of important ideas. A/B partner-talk is a feature of the learning. Through the interactions learners stretch their understandings as they explain, clarify and polish their thinking with a partner. One partner reports-out the collective thinking, and through the process the teacher guides the learners to refine and extend their understandings. A community of learners is quickly established where each learner feels valued, respected, included and accountable for learning.

    In English Language Arts: guiding learners to apply the skills and knowledge learned through whole-class learning sequences to just-right texts, during independent reading.

  • Using Words Their Way routines and/or SmartLearning tools to develop vocabulary and sophisticated word knowledge

In August, 2012 educators from BC, Alberta, the Northern Territories, and from a BC accredited secondary school in China, attended SmartLearning summer conferences to learn findings from the SmartLearning action research projects, and to advance their knowledge and skills about the powerful practices. During the conferences details of the 2012-2013 International Study of SmartLearning were discussed. In the fall teams in over a dozen jurisdictions formed and committed to participating in the study.

Jeff Smith, a renowned educator and professor in the faculty of education at Otago University, in Dunedin New Zealand, is overseeing the study. Megan Anakin, a PhD student at the university is the lead researcher. 

For more information about the study, please follow the links throughout this page.

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