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Susan Close, founder of the SmartLearning approach, is pleased to present this training site. The site offers visitors a calendar of coming events, access to resources used during institutes and district or division-based SmartLearning Rounds, and background material supporting the important work of developing 21st century skills in all learners. Over time SmartLearning has grown into a system of research-proven practices that equip all learners with powerful tools for learning. Each year refinements emerge from classroom-based research, and from learning science findings (OECD, 2010). 

The SmartLearning approach has been refined over time in collaboration with a host of educational leaders throughout BC and Alberta, and reflects the best we now know about learning. The approach has been developed, field-tested, studied, and documented through ministry of education and district-sponsored action research projects throughout British Columbia, over the past 25 years. The most extensive research was conducted in School District 40 (New Westminster), 2000-2007. 

In May 2008, Susan Close received the Canadian Educational Researchers' Todd Rogers award (PDF file) for leadership in evidence-based research. This award recognizes leadership in building formal investigative networks that use assessment information to improve achievement.

The SmartLearning approach provides learners of all ages with a research-proven framework and a host of SmartThinking Tools that motivate deep comprehension and higher levels of achievement. Through work with the SmartLearning framework learners: activate and build background knowledge, set stretch-goals in relation to criteria established for tasks at hand, use multiple ways to process information, monitor and regulate learning as it progresses, transform learning into personalized demonstrations of understanding, and reflect on personal learning as the learning unfolds. Reflection includes finding evidence of meeting goals, noticing and regulating brain activity to support goal attainment, noticing strengths in learning, and setting new goals based on a growing understanding of personal needs (K-College)

Structured- talk and assessment are carefully woven into the SmartLearning process. The interactions build a thoughtful context for learning and advance the thinking of all learners. In SmartLearning classrooms learners feel valued, included, respected, believed in, and accountable for learning. SmartLearning realizes the goals of inclusivity and differentiation. 

On August 31, 2011 SmartLearning launched the A•S•K Reading and Responding Assessment. The assessment is designed to show how well learners are achieving outcomes in the curriculum (2013), as they read and apply skills to grade-level text (K-10). Each year since the launch, the A•S•K has been refined based on feedback from teachers involved in SmartLearning action research.




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